Screen shot showing the structural engineering game Catastrophe


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How many bars can you remove from a structure without causing a catastrophe? When you are working against the clock, time is short. Catastrophe is an interactive app that lets you manipulate structural forms – helping you understand how structures respond to being loaded.

You may be interested to know that the Catastrophe game is powered by the second generation of PushMePullMe physics engine. Effectively a stepping stone on the path to PushMePullMe 3D, this physics engine considers the axial stiffness of the elements and carries out real-time calculations to work out the forces on the structures.

For more advanced modelling check out PushMePullMe 3D.

Running Catastrophe

You need a PC or Mac with the latest version of Java installed to run Catastrophe (and other Workshed simulators). Please download and install the latest version of Java. Depending on what web browser is used you might be asked to give permissions for the application to run, please follow the instructions when prompted. In order for the Catastrophe to load correctly, you must set your web browser window zoom to 100%. Please note that our simulators are safe to run and will not adversely affect your computer.

Further information for running PushMePullMe is available at PushMePullMe FAQs.


Developers: Gennaro Senatore & Daniel Piker

Catastrophe implements in Java his own physics engine and UI and builds on two external libraries: Traer.Physics and Processing. Although the first library Traer.Physics has been almost completely redeveloped, it was a very useful starting template.