PushMePullMe FAQs

Workshed PushMePullMe simulators (including Catastrophe and PushMePullMe 3D) are written in Java – a computer language that is used extensively in many different applications. To use PushMePullMe, Catastrophe and PushMePullMe3D you’ll need a desktop or laptop computer running the latest version of Java. 

If you do not have Java installed you should be automatically redirected to the Java download page. You can also install Java yourself at the Java download page or follow these instructionsJava will not interfere with any other application on your computer.

Problems Downloading & Installing Java

If you’re having trouble running Java, please go to the official Java site. You will get some tips and advice that should help you download Java successfully. Other useful links include:

I have Downloaded Java – Now What?

Once you have successfully downloaded the latest version of Java you can enjoy the Workshed simulators.

  • Click on the Simulator that you want to try
  • The Simulator will begin loading
  • A security window may pop up. This is OK – just follow the instructions and allow the application to run
  • Our simulators are completely safe to run and will not affect your computer operating system

Launching PushMePullMe & Catastrophe

PushMePullMe & Catastrophe run as Java applets. In order to launch them correctly  you must set your web browser window zoom to 100%.

Launching PushMePullMe 3D

PushMePullMe 3D runs as a standalone Java application. The application will automatically set to full screen size. If you are using multiple screens please avoid to resize the application during the launch.


PushMePullMe, Catastrophe and PushMePullMe 3D run using the latest security standards and the publisher (Expedition Engineering) is verified by a trusted certificate authority (Thawte).

Depending on what web browser is used security permissions might be asked. Please follow the instruction when prompted and allow the application to run. If you do not want to be asked for permission every time you launch any of the PushMePullMe applets please make sure the option “allow and remember” is selected.

Currently the web browser Mozilla has blocked the Java Deployment Toolkit an add-on which is not necessary to launch the PushMePullMe applets. It is possible to get rid of the alert completely by disabling the add-on. Go to Add-Ons>Plugins>Select ‘Never Activate’ for Java Deployment Toolkit.

Reset Java Settings to Default

If you have installed Java and you still have issues launching any of the PushMePullMe applets it is usually solved by resetting the Java settings.  This can be done by:

  • Go to System Preferences (OSX) or Control Panel (Windows)
  • Open the Java Control Panel
  • On the General tab, under the Temporary Internet Files heading go to Settings
  • Press the Delete Files button at the bottom of the page, select all three options and press OK
  • Once this is done, press the Restore Defaults button

Please also check from Java Control Panel:

  • On the General tab, go to Network Settings
  • Check if Use Browser Settings is selected

Device Support

Not all devices will run Java – in general, you’ll need a desktop or laptop computer to run Push Me Pull Me.

We are working on new versions of our simulators that will allow them to be used on mobile devices. Unfortunately, Push Me Pull me will not currently work on mobile devices. If you are unsure about your device and it’s compatibility with Java we suggest that you check your device manufacturer’s website. For more information on mobile devices and Java, check the Java website.