Bridge Builder Games

These 3 games will test your engineering skills to the max. Try engineering gaming at 3 difficulty ratings and see if you have got what it takes!

The image gallery below provides you with inspiration from real-life bridges – why not try to recreate them in the games?

West Point Bridge Designer 2013 (Rating: Hard)

This is the real deal! Test your engineering initiative and knowledge in the ultimate bridge construction game. Run by the United States Military Academy, the annual West Point Bridge Design Contest aims to provide middle school and high school students with a realistic introduction to engineering.

The game involves constructing a model-sized bridge across a valley.

This game is not for the faint hearted! Useful hint: Practice with the template bridges first.

FWG Bridge 2 (Rating: Medium)

So you think you are a pro at building bridges? Your goal is to construct a bridge to help the creatures cross the gap. Sound simple enough? Use the anchor points and the materials to balance strength, pricing and stability. Remember the key to bridges is triangular based structures. Master you engineering skills and put them to the test.

The PBS Bridge Challenge (Rating: Easy)

Bridges are not just for getting from A to B; they serve other purposes as well. Test your selective skills and meet the demands of the town. Using the information given, select a suitable bridge for the crossing. However, be warned, the mayor has very particular requests.

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