Workshed: Big in Canada

January’s update to the Workshed site gave us access to Google Analytics data for the first time. Two weeks’ data make for fascinating reading.

The Pont de Quebec is the world’s longest single span cantilever bridge


In the two weeks since we have been tracking we have had 1400 visits from 900 unique users. The average dwell time on the site is about 8 minutes, which in today’s  fast click world, is impressive.

What more intriguing for those of us working to assemble these tools is the places where Workshed is being used.

  • People are clicking on the site, albeit in handfuls, from all continents except Antarctica
  • 80 students from one town in Ontario, Canada clicked on the site last week to look at the videos of concrete behaviour
  • Last weekend, the site started to attract interest in southern Poland.

These clicks are evidence of the site being found by people looking for specific resources. The impact of the relationships that we are developing with various universities is directly reflected in geographical usage data. In the UK there are blooms of activity in London, Canterbury, Bath, Glasgow and Edinburgh, all of which host universities that have either been involved with the development of the site, or we have been in touch with about using the site. On the international scene, Cyprus University of Technology is a major player, no doubt due to the good work that Stelios Ytrianos is doing to promote our work over there.

As more places on the map get filled in, we’ll keep you posted.