Make A Scape, an adventure in engineering, available on iTunes store.

Think Up have released their latest innovation, Make A Scape: an apocalyptic educational engineering app, designed for school children and undergraduates.

Make A Scape helps users develop a tacit understanding of structural behaviour through an imaginative interface, and future world concept. The app encourages users to build efficiently; in real-time and test their structures under live loading through an enjoyable and imaginative interface.

“The Sketch People have wasted their resources and destroyed their environment. Use structural engineering principles to help them rebuild their world…”

Make A Scape builds on Think Up’s pioneering work in creating real-time structural simulators. Previous apps, including: Push Me Pull Me, Push Me Pull Me (3D) and Catastrophe, have all been successfully used for both Key Stage 5 and undergraduate teaching curriculum.

The app is now available to download from the iTunes store: