List of concrete tests finalised

We have now finalized the list of concrete tests that we will be filming at Imperial College for the new concrete Stuff Failure videos. Thank you to everyone who responded to our questions about appropriate tests.

Reinforced Concrete Elements

We produce videos that will show the behaviour under two-point loading of simply supported beams that are: under-reinforced; over-reinforced; and without shear links – in comparison with an ‘ideal’ or ‘reference’ beam that demonstrates ductile failure before brittle failure

We will also show the behaviour of a stocky RC column in compression

Constituent materials

We will produce a series of films that show the properties of concrete and steel on their own. We will produce tests showing different types of concrete in compression as well as a concrete tensile test. We will compliment these videos with tensile tests of reinforcing steel.

Supporting information

With the materials we develop for Workshed we seek to strike a balance between providing stimulating learning resources without seeking to replace teachers or text books. Our intention therefore is to accompany these tests with sufficient information so that students can predict the behaviour observed, but without providing an explanation of what is seen.