A few notes for the Workshed technical team on how to track comments

This post is for Gennaro and Diana, and anyone else who is interested in tracking technical queries related to Workshed. One of the reasons for setting up this blog was to make it easier for developers to and users to discuss how they are getting on using the tools. It is also a way for people who are having difficulties with Workshed to get in touch with someone who can help. These are some tips therefore for how you can listen in:

For the editors

For the Workshed Blog Editors (Gennaro, and soon, Diana), you can change the settings on your profile to make sure you get an email notifying you whenever there is a new post on the blog, which will mean that you can easily look out for and reply to any posts on the blog. To do this, log in to your Workshed dashboard. On the menu on the right-hand side, click on Settings/Discussions. When this page appears, select ’email me whenever a comment is posted’.

For everybody else

You can track all posts related to a particular category by typing a URL in the following form:

http://workshedblog.wordpress.com/category/[insert category name here]

You can see at the bottom of any post what categories it has been posted in. If, as we are, you are interested in only the posts related to the technical support category, you can enter the following link into your browser and all posts related to technical support will appear http://workshedblog.wordpress.com/category/technical-support/

If you use an RSS reader, you can put this same link into your RSS reader and get an update every time a post or a comment appears under that category.

Finally, if you compose or comment on a post, you can select to get updates every time somebody else comments on it (Gennaro, this will be why you only get update when certain posts are made to the blog).