What is a bridge? – Bridge Engineering with Ian Firth Pt 1


  • Presenter
    Ian Firth

World-leading bridge engineer Ian Firth gives a personal insight into how bridges are designed. This is the first in the Industry Insights series of videos: the key things people who are experts in a particular field would like to share with those studying or practising engineering.

Ian Firth is Director of engineering firm Flint and Neil. In this video he describes the key characteristics of a bridge, what makes a bridge engineer and the team around him and the process of designing and engineering a bridge.

Learning outcomes:

  • What is a bridge and what make a great bridge.
  • Understanding the environmental, social and cultural context.
  • Learning from history and other bridge designs.
  • The importance of teamwork and engineering leadership.

About the Industry Insights Series
This video is the first of the Industry Insights Series in which Ian Firth draws on his many years as a leading bridge engineer to illustrate some of the factors which influence bridge design. Further videos are planned in this series.

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