Bending failure of a prestressed concrete beam


  • Material
    Prestressed concrete
  • Dimensions
    63mm x 130mm
  • Design Criteria
    Designed for ductile failure

This video demonstrates a four-point bending test on a pre-stressed concrete beam.

Learning Outcomes:

Viewers will gain an improved understanding of:

  • The concept of pre-stress applied to concrete beams
  • How pre-stress can be used to create beams of increased stiffness
  • Ductile behaviour

The beam demonstrates ductile behaviour as it is loaded to failure. The video demonstrates how pre-stressing can be used to improve the stiffness properties of a reinforced concrete beam. It also shows how the beam behaves like an under-reinforced beam after the pre-stressing tendons have yielded.

World-leading structures expert, Professor Tim Ibell narrates this video. Professor Ibell is President of the Institution of Structural Engineers for 2015 and is Associate Dean (Research) at the University of Bath.

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