Antarctic Research Station Design Workshop


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    For undergraduate engineering students

This workshop recreates a design competition that Expedition Engineering entered back in 2004 to design a new Antarctic laboratory for the British Antarctic Survey. The aim of the workshop is to explore the cycle of conceiving, testing and reviewing that is at the core of the design process; and to do so in the context of one of the most remote and environmentally demanding construction sites imaginable.

This workshop can be run as a three hour event, or as a much longer activity spread over several sessions.

The briefing pack provides students with detailed information about the environmental conditions at the site, as well as requirements for the design. Facilitator notes are also available under downloads.

As this workshop is based on a real competition, there is the opportunity to present students with real competition submissions, including Expedition’s entry, which came second, and Faber & Maunsell’s entry which is under construction at the time of writing.

Download the Antarctic Design Workshop Student Briefing Pack (PDF, 3.1 MB)