Anderson Inge’s Sketchbook: Drawing for Engineers


  • Sharing your Vision
    Freehand drawing is the most immediate and versatile way of communicating your ideas.
  • In this video, Anderson Inge explains how being able to draw is an essential skill for engineers.

In this video Anderson Inge talks about sketching for engineers & architects.

Engineering and architecture are predictive disciplines: our practice benefits from being able, in the moment, to reveal our vision to partners, clients, builders and neighbours. Freehand drawing distinguishes itself as the most immediate, versatile and seductive way to show our hand.

Drawings take many forms and often follow conventions to make sure we are understood. It is important to remember, though, that all drawing is an abstraction. As such, drawing demands authorship from us, and with that comes the freedom to shift our focus from pictorial rigidity towards selectivity and decisiveness, the means for imbuing our drawings with those crucial qualities of authority and credibility.

It may be unfair to set a homework in a sound-bite, but if you are game answer this: How is it that inanimate, man-made objects, like art and design, can have a sense of autonomy, the ability to stand alone and engender desire? Find these tools and your drawing will soar straightaway.