Who Uses Workshed? – Analytics to March 2012

We now have two months of analytics data for Workshed. The headline figures are 4716 visits by 2742 unique visitors, which shows that 42% of people using the site are returning visitors. The average time spent on the site is 5:25 minutes, with an average of five page views per visit.
Over the last two months we are starting to see a picture of how Workshed is being used around the world. It is interesting to see some countries suddenly appear on the league table. I know that in some cases this occurs when a lecturer or teacher sets classwork based on one of Workshed’s resources. But sometimes all we can do is guess. For example, Workshed has suddenly received 200 clicks from Western Australia, so we must have a enthusiast out there – we would love to know who you are!
United Kingdom 3,196 5.86
Cyprus 454 5.82
Australia 244 5.16
Spain 127 5.6
Canada 120 8.38
United States 112 3.69
France 61 3.15
Poland 51 4.14
Netherlands 47 7.09
Ireland 38 4.74
The UK map is starting to fill out quite evenly, indicating users from a far wider range of universities that we have had contact with. If you are using Workshed then please let us know – we really want to know how you are getting on with it. (See our list of institutions that we know are using Workshed)

London 1,164
Canterbury 448
Edinburgh 280
Bath 269
Glasgow 155
Coventry 77
Bristol 59
Birmingham 46
Nottingham 33
Derby 28
Oxford 28
Sheffield 26
Portsmouth 25
Maidstone 22
Manchester 20
Colchester 18
Croydon 17
Liverpool 17
Addlestone 16
Leeds 16
Cardiff 16
Southampton 13