The Thames Cable Car Teaching Pack

The Thames Cable Car pack helps give students a feel for rapid structural design – using a range of Workshed resources.

We’ve uploaded a new undergraduate resource on the Workshed site. The Thames Cable Car pack is a structural scheme development workshop funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering visiting teaching fellows scheme.

Ed McCann of Expedition Engineering is leading the workshop at the University of Strathclyde today.

Real-World Design Challenge

The workshop is based on the Emirates Airline, the Thames cable car crossing for which Expedition did the original scheme design. It is one of three design briefs that aim to give students a feel for rapid structural scheme design.

The project involves groups of students taking on the role of a structural design consultancy with a brief to develop the concept design for a cable car linking the two banks of the Thames.

The Brief

The student brief is to develop a structural scheme for the cable car. They must decide on their preferred number and location of towers before completing an outline design for one of the towers, approximating key member sizes.

Students use a range of Workshed resources during the workshop. As a starting point they access the video on sketching scheme designs by Chris Wise. They then get to test their designs using the Catastrophe platform.

Finally, students must present their scheme along with a description of the construction sequence.

The three workshops were written by Martin Gillie and Tim Stratford at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Expedition Engineering.

Download the Teaching Pack

You can access the teaching pack on the Workshed site, or by clicking the link below:
Download the Thames Cable Car teaching pack. (PDF, 1.55 MB)

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