Push-Me-Pull-Me tutorial sheets – project update

Earlier this month, Stylios Yiatros at Brunel University sent us the completed set of tutorials and teaching resources on which he has been leading the development. We are now developing a new format for the tutorial sheets so that they can be presented in the same clear visual language that characterizes the resources on Workshed.

The materials will include:

  • Tutorials to support Push-Me-Pull-Me – these will be available for download next to the intereactive Push-Me-Pull-Me models
  • Tutorials to support use of Catastrophe – we are in the process of relocating the Catastrophe game on the site so watch this space.
  • A guided tour – this will be an audio-visual tour available in the ‘about section’
  • Suggested lesson ideas – these will feature in the undergraduate staffroom area of Workshed

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