Installing Java: Push Me Pull Me & Catastrophe

Workshed Push Me Pull Me simulators are written in Java – a computer language that is used extensively in many different applications. To use Push Me Pull Me or catastrophe, you’ll need a desktop or laptop computer running the latest version of Java. 

To install Java, follow these instructions.

To maintain security Java needs to be updated frequently. Always ensure that you download updates from the official Java site. Java will not interfere with any other programmes or applications on your computer.

Problems Downloading Java

If you’re having trouble running Java, please go to the official Java site. You will get some tips and advice that should help you download Java successfully.

Other useful links include:

I’ve Downloaded Java – Now What?

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the latest version of Java you can enjoy the Workshed simulators.

  • Click on the Simulator that you want to try
  • The Simulator will begin loading
  • A security window may pop up. This is OK – just press run
  • Our simulators are completely safe to run and will not affect your computer operating system

We are working to solve this security pop up issue. In the meantime feel free to use the Simulators and rest assured they pose no threat to your computer.