Bridge Builder Games Added to Workshed

We’ve just added a selection of bridge builder games to Workshed. They all require you to design increasingly complex bridges with fewer and fewer resources. The games are posted in the Models/Games section of the Workshed site, along with our old favourite, Catastrophe. Posted along with the games are a series of images of inspirational bridges to help you on your way.

Go take a look by clicking here.

The Bridge Challenge

This game is fairly straightforward. In this game you must select the most appropriate bridge for the site.

FWG Bridge 2

We all hate to see lemmings die. In this game you can save them from a precipitous death by devising economic bridges across increasingly fiendish chasms.

West Point Bridge Designer 2012

This is the crème de la crème of bridge games from the US army school.

Real time or not real time?

While these games are all fun and educational, they are not real time. In each instance, the player designs a bridge, and then it is tested by hitting ‘go’ or ‘test’. The real time solver that we have been designing to power Push Me Pull Me and Catastrophe is, as the name suggests, real time, which means that structures stand or fail the moment you add, push or take away elements. We think this leads to a more immediate understanding of structural behaviour. The latest version of Push Me Pull Me is soon to be unveiled. When that’s done, maybe we can have a go at creating our own bridge game.